What Is Obesity

People generally think that obesity means excess fat in the body. But actually it is not. Of course too much fat in the body is bad and have every chances to develop many types of health hazards but not all the people who are fat are obese.However, obesity is the problem of the day and faced by many adults as well as children. One has to strive hard and be determined to change one’s daily life to get rid of this obesity and its side effects.

Eat Healthy, Eat Right

People who are obese have the tendency to eat more in spite of enough food they have as they lack the control in their mind which can ward them to stop excess eating. The first step to curb obesity is to keep a check on the calories consumed and to have a determined control on their desire to keep eating. Obesity is the effect of lack of proper control between the mind and body of a person.

One has to eat more of healthier foods and also food rich in fiber. This is because fiber rich diet makes the person feel stomach full which in turn helps from eating too much. On the other hand food which are fried and are sweet never make you feel full in spite of eating full thus resulting in excess eating and obesity. So such foods are to be avoided to prevent obesity.

The next step to evade obesity is to exercise your body. Use the stairs instead of the elevators as a physical exercise. Walk as much as possible as drive as little as you can. Walk for the short distances rather than using your car or park your car a bit far away so that you cover the distance by walking. These physical exercises will help you to get rid of the extra calories from your body thus preventing obesity.

Obesity in children and depression are directly associated with one another contrary to the belief that both are two different situations. These two factors go hand in hand when it comes to obesity in children which is a serious matter and needs urgent handling and care.

The last advice for the people who are determined to get rid of this obesity in spite of altering their diets, exercising and changing their day to day activities, is to consult a medical practitioner who will be of great help in suggesting a remedy as sometimes this obesity could be a cause of some internal health problem.

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