Childhood Obesity Statistic Illustrates A Clear Picture Of The Current Situation

The current condition of childhood obesity has brought about the feel of hopelessness in parents as the childhood obesity statistics is soaring higher and higher which also includes obesity that occurs in adolescent stage.

According to a recent statistics, childhood obesity has grown twice as much in children who come under the age group of 2 – 5 and teenagers whereas the percentage has increased threefold in children who are 6 – 11 years of age when compared to the statistics taken in the 70’s.

In addition, the current childhood obesity statistics proves that there will be at least 33% of the children population affected who will be prone to obesity and that it has already affected 16% of the young populace who would have for sure outgrown their ideal weight.

Childhood Obesity Statistic Reveals The Factors Involved

As per the childhood obesity statistics gender is not considered a major factor that determines the condition because there have been many cases being reported where child obesity has affected both boys and girls equally. The numbers have also grown constantly when compared to the statistics taken in the 60’s. The childhood obesity statistics gives a disappointing and alarming rise in the number of children who are thriving to get out of such situations. It also reveals that around 29% of boys and 27% of girls are likely to get influenced by child obesity.

To add on, the childhood obesity statistic furnishes more details on the factors that cause the debilitating disease. The statistics says that the region you stay can influence your child to go obese. For example, Mexican American children are more at risk to develop childhood obesity than any other region where the boys are 42% more prone to this disorder. However according to childhood obesity statistic African girls face more overweight problems than the Mexican Americans or girls from other region.

This childhood obesity statistics was released by US Surgeon General in the year 2001 and has accurate facts and figure in this matter. The study calls attention to the necessity of taking instantaneous measures to get rid of childhood obesity and eliminate it completely from its roots, now that it is wide spread all over the world. The worst thing is childhood obesity does not stop with childhood alone and the obese child grows to an obese adult. The emotional and mental trauma experienced by an obese child or obese adult can leave a permanent negative impression about their future and life.

The alarming figures shown in the childhood obesity statistics should stir parents and healthcare to look for alternatives to remove all the potential factors that lead to childhood obesity. If left unattended, childhood obesity can cause an instable energy flow that may lead to further health related problems. Probably one of the best remedy to put a stop to childhood obesity is to restrict eating foods that are stuffed with high calories.

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