Know What Exactly What Morbid Obesity Is

Morbid obesity known as ‘clinically severe obesity’ is said to be evident in those who weight more than 100 lbs and are miles away from their ideal weight. So if you wish to find out whether your obesity type is morbid, then just check if you are more frequently being influenced by other chronic or critical diseases that are also linked to obesity. Doctors believe morbid obesity to be a grave condition because the symptoms are not evident initially but show up slowly at a later date.

The Possible Health Hazards

Do you know morbid obesity lessens the life expectancy of a person? You can find out if a person is affected by morbid obesity or not by checking if the person has developed diseases like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure that commonly strike with this type of obesity.

Morbid obesity works against the production of insulin and this is why people with this condition often suffer from high blood sugar and diabetes. And when the body weighs more than necessary the heart is under tremendous pressure and finally gives away after a while leading to other body grave conditions like hypertension, strokes. If the condition is left unattended the harm caused to the heart and kidneys become irreparable.

Weighing a little over than the ideal weight itself cause a lot of trouble and weighing much more than required puts a lot of pressure on the body muscles and bones which subsequently leads to excruciating back pain and slip-disk problems.

An obese person may also experience joint pains and inflammation, particularly on the knees and the hip, thus causing osteoarthritis. In morbid obesity the excess fat settles all over the body, even under the tissues of tongue and neck. This thickens the wind pipe and can even choke an obese person while sleeping.

People with morbid obesity often complain of heartburn and indigestion problems because the valve above the stomach is overburdened with the fat deposits that in turn cause the stomach acids to regurgitate and enter the food pipe. All these physical changes and discomforts can be very distressing, not to mention the depression experienced due to social stigma and unresponsiveness from peers and other family members.

Morbid obesity can hit everyone, be it young or old, man or woman and the worst side effect is the risk of infertility. Body does not function as normal and the malfunctioning disables all possibility to conceive. Women often experience irregular menstrual cycles and the pain intensifies during the cycle.

Deep Rooted Causes

Thought there are several causes, morbid obesity is very commonly linked to one’s genes, metabolism functioning, lifestyle, the living atmosphere socioeconomic status and physical actions performed. Certain diseases can also trigger the body to develop morbid obesity.

Consuming steroids and certain antidepressants to counteract depression and many neurological problems can change the metabolic activities and gradually develops morbid obesity and other forms of obesity.

Morbid Obesity Surgery

If the condition of morbid obesity is chronic and severe doctors recommend their patients to undergo morbid obesity surgery. It can not only prove beneficial to one’s health but also enhance the quality of his/her life multifold.

Make sure you do a thorough research about the surgery and know the side effects and complications that may develop post surgery. Make sure you consult the right obesity surgeon who is a veteran in the field and is willing to give you the best of his treatment and services.

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