Obesity Research Draws A Clear Picture

Nibbling junk foods that have high fat and calorie content are easily available every where and are inexpensive now-a-days. According to the obesity research conducted in the US, a major portion of the population that fall under the poor strata is affected by obesity.

The cost of quality food and the unawareness about nutritious food can be the main factors for this condition. As stated by studies, people who visit a food market with a small budget will most probably go for food items that have saturated fat and calories. Such junk foods are low priced yet more filling.

Quality Food Means Good Health

Do you know that food that contains refined grains, sugar and fat are more preferred because these take lesser time while cooking? Lean meat, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains should form a part of the diet but are a bit expensive and need more time to cook. As per obesity research, fast foods and junk cost around $1.76 for every thousand calories where as healthy food cost around $18.16 for every kilo calories. So this statement makes it true that people with a lower income are highly influenced by obesity because of the food factor.

Obesity research emphasizes on the fact that people tend to overindulge in junk foods only because it tingles the taste buds. So the more you eat the more you feel content or stomach full which subsequently contributes to obesity. According to obesity research a person who spends on the high-calorie junk or fast foods spends considerably a lesser amount of money when compared to individuals who eat healthy food. With the inflation in fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods, quality food is becoming a rich man’s diet.

Those individuals who are well educated about nutrition and can afford quality foods are more improbable to suffer from obesity. These people keep themselves well informed about the ill effects of obesity and the damage it can cause to one’s life. Obesity research has also proved that US people living in higher strata are very health conscious and prefer to stay in shape.

Obesity Hits All Strata

However, the obesity research says, this occurrence of obesity in the unprivileged groups is more found in developed countries. Conversely, obesity is a common disease affecting the highest social classes in the developing countries. Obesity is also being coupled with the consequence of globalization, according to a worldwide obesity research.

To conclude, obesity is not a problem faced by the underprivileged alone but is a global issue that has engulfed almost all social strata. But still the lower socio-economic group is more prone to obesity than anyone else in the US. According to obesity research, the only way to solve this rising issue is to bring awareness amongst the general public, put forth preventive measures and provide feasible obesity treatments.

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