What Does Morbid Obesity BMI Mean

Morbid obesity is one of those health conditions that fall under the chronic disease category and because there are many causes of this obesity it is very complex to understand about it. The factors can range from social, ethical, environmental, biological, psychological, as well as genetical.

Body Mass Index or BMI is a tool through which one can determine whether he/she is obese. When the BMI calculator shows 30 or more kilogram of body mass then once can be sure that he/she is obese and when it measures more than 40 kg/m2 then the individual is suffering from morbid obesity. BMI is computed by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the height in square meters. However, BMI does not take into account the body structure or the muscle weight while estimating one’s body mass.

If an individual weighs more than 20% of the recommended weight that means he/she is suffering from morbid obesity. When a patient has a body weight 100 pounds more than the ideal weight and is diagnosed of an extreme morbid obesity BMI, then the person will not be able to shed weight through normal means but has to undergo surgery.

There are only a handful of cases where dietary alterations and regular exercises have helped obese individuals with their excess weight but then the weight loss state was only for sometime and they put on additional weight again.

Ideal Weight Depends on Height

The ideal weight of every individual is assessed based on their height. When it comes to morbid obesity BMI, it simply means the person weighs over and above ideal body mass according to his/her height. So, a BMI calculator evaluates if the individual is overweight or obese as it also measures body changes and weight. Since the BMI is calculated as weight by height, it is directly linked with the body fat.

Calculating Morbid Obesity BMI

For those who wish to check if they are obese or normal can use BMI to do so. When a person’s BMI indicates a number between 18.6 and 24.9 it means the person is normal and fit. When the BMI shows a figure between 25 and 29.9 it means the person weighs more than his/her ideal weight. But when the BMI indicates a number between 34.9 and 39.9 it means the person is critically obese. And so when a person weights more than 40 he/she is morbidly obese and when it crosses 50 it means the person is in a super morbid obesity condition.

What Is Wrong And What Is Right

Unfortunately, the obesity statistics show a quick increase in the morbid obesity numbers. According to research, this rapid increase in the morbid obesity numbers is mainly due to the improper diet and lack of physical workouts. When a morbid obesity BMI is more than 40 for a person who is 5’4” tall it means he/she weighs 235 pounds and if the person is 5’10” tall it means that his body weight is around 280 pounds.

The modern day problem is that young individuals have stationary tasks that have to be performed by simply sitting and working on the computer, children as well as elders use various means of transportation to go places and no one has the time to take a leisure walk.

Watching television and sitting in front of the computer has become one of the most preferred activity for all now-a-days. Another key issue is the diet where people knowingly or unknowingly choose foods that are rich in calories and bad fat. All these have a major effect on a person’s health and also pave way to many diseases like obesity.

So, the right kind of physical workout and a balanced diet can help curtail the obesity issue. A quick weight loosing tip is to dedicate more time to exercise and less time eating. However, in today’s world accomplishing these tasks is not as easy as said, but one should be self-motivated and committed to achieve the weight loosing goal to lead a healthier life.

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