What The Childhood Obesity Researches Have To Say

Be it a happy meal or having carbonated drink after dinner unhealthy food habits have always contributed to childhood obesity. Can you believe modern day schools have candy bar machines installed in their premises? As per the latest childhood obesity research that compares the last three decades’ trend on obesity it states that this health condition has influenced twice the number of toddlers and teenagers which in the case of young children has increased three times than earlier.

After such alarming childhood obesity research proof we end up with some major questions like where are we heading to, who is to be held responsible for this problem, what steps are being considered to eliminate it and what is the role of a parent in building a healthy society?

Childhood Obesity Research Influences Governmental Programs

Childhood obesity research plays a vital role in a scientist’s research as it gives a clear picture of the current scenario through which the scientist can decide on remedial and preventive programs for child obesity. Each and every childhood obesity research has proved how much schools contribute to the development of such hazardous diseases.

Because of the fact that most children spend the majority of their time in schools, the government has launched many programs to curb obesity like P.E. programs and healthy school diet programs. A few state authorities have banned soda vending machines at school premises while others have been permitted to sell junk foods and soda drink only at a particular time. A few schools bake the French fries rather than selling the deeply fried ones.

But as per childhood obesity research, putting a stop to carbonated drinks and fast foods in the school area are not the only way to counteract obesity and its effects. To a great extent the e-era or the electronic age is equally responsible for the growing number of childhood obesity cases in the US. Children love to dedicate their valuable time in front of the computer playing games or browsing the net and not to mention the time spent before the television. So keeping all this in mind, a few of the state governments have established physical education as a part of the curriculum in public schools to motivate promote the idea of healthy and active living amongst young children.

What Parents Can Do

Childhood obesity research also explains the role of every parent in the growing obesity statistics. As a responsible parent one should educate their child to follow the right diet and also motivate the young minds to get involved in outdoor sports. To make the plan more effective one should involve all the family members to help the child learn the importance of a healthy and active living.

According to one of the childhood obesity researches, one should never skip breakfast but make it more nutritious and a healthy breakfast. A wholesome breakfast will not only charge the child with energy for the day but also make him/her stay away from junk foods rest of the day.

To promote physical workouts you can schedule walking, playing or riding bicycles together with your children that can be interactive and a quality time spent. More the activity is creative and fun filled the more children get attracted and motivated to perform them. Do not match your activity level with your children because you may prefer the treadmill or weight lifting but it is not the case with young kids.

Though childhood obesity research gives a shocking picture about the effects of obesity on an individual and on the society, it need not be the end of all hopes. We, as responsible citizens can contribute positively by eliminating obesity through healthy diets and exercises and cultivating such good habits in young children also. Alter your lifestyle as well as your child’s to get rid of childhood obesity and to build a healthy country.

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